Hypnotherapy comes in two forms traditional hypnosis counting down into a hypnotic state, or more modern techniques using conversational techniques to bring about a trance state. Both essentially create an altered state of consciousness (i.e. trance state), which is a very natural state that most people experience on a daily basis (e.g. day dreaming, moments of focused attention or the moment just before sleep), and for therapeutic purposes, beneficial corrections may be given directly to your subconscious mind to bring about the change you seek.

For example a client with a generalised anxiety disorder may tell me they already know at a conscious level how debilitating the effects are; how irrational they feel. Yet somehow, they feel unable to control these feelings or physical symptoms. By working with me they are empowering themselves to bring about the changes at an subconscious level to be free of them.

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Suggestion Therapy uses hypnosis for issues such as relaxation, confidence issues, performance issues and many more issues which may require only one or two sessions with perhaps a booster later on. Suggestions Therapy allows you to easily change habit, remove habits, or even add habits to your daily life. Initially these changes would seem difficult, but with hypnosis it is made to feel "just right", and if "it was always like this". Therefore the change doesn't seem like a change to you. Sometimes seen as a "Quick Fix", suggestion therapy is very powerful.


Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to bring about change using hypnotic techniques for more complex issues in your beliefs that affect your lives negatively. Specifically those with a root cause that have may originate from a past experiences. These experiences exist as memories deep in your subconscious mind and many of them are likely be erroneous (false) in content. It is because these memories reside deep in your subconscious mind that often the only way to deal with them is by using hypnotic techniques to bring about real change. By clarifying your goals within a few hours you may resolve issues or problems that you have been troubled by for years.

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A key fundamental difference with hypnotherapy and counselling is that with hypnotherapy a traumatic event or events can be addressed in the privacy of your mind and not having to discuss the detail of the traumatic event out aloud.


Can I be made to discuss anything?
The short answer is NO, you cannot be made discuss anything you do NOT wish to discuss.

Will I lose control?
The short answer is NO, you will not lose control.

Will I be aware of what is said?
The short answer is YES you will remember everything that is said during hypnotherapy.

Are there people who cannot be hypnotised?
NO. Except for persons with contra-indications and medical considerations to hypnotherapy. The only other exceptions would be persons 'high' on the effects of alcohol or drugs.